Diamond Steel 12" Sharpening Rod


A sharpening rod is the first step in maintaining the sharpness of your knife. It should be used to refresh your knife on a routine basis and will bring back the razor sharp edge of your knife if used routinely. The diamond coated steel is a fast and easy way to keep your knife sharp. Plus, the oval shape of the sharpening rod makes it more efficient at sharpening as it has a wider surface.

An ergonomic handle is comfortable to use, and more importantly, ensures you keep a solid grip on the sharpening rod. The sharpening steel comes with a plastic tip so you can use the sharpening rod with the tip braced against your counter top. A metal hook at the end of the handle is perfect for hanging your sharpening rod.

Diamond Steel 12" Sharpening Rod Specifications

  • 12" Diamond Sharpening Steel
  • 5" Handle
  • Rod is ¾" wide
  • Handle hook for hanging the steel rod

Care Instructions:

Clean with a soft brush and water. Do not put in the dishwasher.