Our modern world is becoming more and more industrialized and is losing the touch of a personal handmade product. Here at Forseti Steel we are committed to creating knives with the personal touch that YOU want and that YOU deserve. Your knives are made with character and functionality. Each Forseti Steel knife will be sure to impress you with its beauty while still being able to accomplish any job you need to get done.

Forseti Steel was started by individuals who have a true love and passion for knives. Our love for knives has surpassed the meaning of addiction; making and providing beautiful knives is part of who we are. Our real passion is in the history, character and design of each knife. This is why we have set out to imagine up the most creative and intriguing styles of knives and have them handcrafted just for you. We design and name each of our knives after heroes, legends and characters from all over the world. We do this so that you will get more than just a knife; you will own a beautiful blade with rich history, true character and a story to tell.

True Damascus steel is known for its great beauty, incredible strength, and ability to keep a sharp edge. The water-like pattern comes from a gradual handmade method of folding and pounding two different kinds of steel together. This makes the blade strong yet flexible. Damascus steel is known, not only for this intensive process and beautiful design, but for the rich history surrounding it. There is such intrigue and mystery when it comes to the true history of Damascus steel. This rich history makes your Damascus Knife more than just a work of art, but a blade with character.

Many say Damascus steel has been around long before the start of Common Era (BC) while others say it was introduced around the 3rd century. Europeans discovered it around the 11th century, when the Crusaders reached the Middle East. Historians state that Damascus steel was known as early as the 4th century, during the time of Alexander the Great, when the art of making armor, shields and weapons from Damascus steel was kept very secretive.

Whether Damascus steel started before Common Era or if it truly began in the times of Alexander the Great, we may never know. However, the legends told during these times of what Damascus steel could do, clearly shows the great impact it had in those days. It was said that the Damascus swords were so sharp a silk cloth would cut as it fell on the blade. There are theories that the blades were cooled by the wind as a rider carried the red hot blades in a hastened gallop in the cool night's air. Others spoke of the blades gaining their strength from being plunged into the side of a muscular slaves after being heated in the deserts hot sun. These legends, and many more, terrified anyone who went up against those in possession of a Damascus steel weapon.

Unfortunately, as result of the secrecy of the Damascus steel forging process, the secret was lost around 1750 AD, never to be completely rediscovered. Many today claim that they have re-discovered the ancient process of making the legendary damascus steel; however, lack of ancient evidence makes these claims obsolete. Each Forseti Steel Damascus Knife is handmade and each of our beautiful Damascus blades are uniquely designed and placed in a handcrafted leather case. All of this work is done so that you can enjoy a beautiful knife with an authentic history, for whatever adventure you decide to take it on.