Leather Sharpening Strop


A leather strop is used to straighten, sharpen, and polish straight razors and knives. Stropping re-aligns the fine blade edge that has bent out of alignment from use. An abrasive polishing compound can also be used to remove a tiny amount of metal and put an extremely sharp edge on a straight razor or knife blade. Stropping is generally done with straight razors as these are the thinnest blades used everyday. The thinness of the straight razor blade requires more frequent stropping. Stropping should be the last step when reshaping or sharpening your blades. 

Our Leather Strop comes with two metal ends for attaching the strop to various types of hooks and for something for you to hold onto while you use are stropping. To use the strop, simply draw the blade edge along the strop spine-first. Never use the strop blade first. When rotating the blade off the strop at the end of the stroke, turn it over spine-first so the edge of the blade edge moves away from the strop. This will preserve the edge, whereas rotating the blade edge against the strop causes it to roll over slightly, defeating your stropping effort.

Forsteti Steel Leather Sharpening Strop Specifications:

  • Full Length: 17"
  • Stropping Length: 11"
  • Width: 2.25"
  • Material: Whole grain leather