Sheath Policy

All sheaths that are included with any Forseti Steel knife are provided complimentary. The sheath you receive may vary in color, style, and type from what is shown in product photos. You may purchase a replacement sheath if stock permits by contacting us at
My sheath is not what is shown on photos.
All sheaths will vary in color, style, type, and material. Our sheaths are provided as an accessory for select knives and cannot be customized.
My sheath does not fit my knife.
All sheaths are and manufactured to fit the specs of the knife and are verified fitted. We cannot replace or offer an exchange sheath for this reason. 
The sheath I got broke.
If you are within the 30-day return window, we can send you a replacement sheath at no extra cost. Please note your replacement sheath may look different than what you received originally, or what is shown in photos. 
Can I get a replacement sheath?
If stock permits, you can purchase an extra or replacement sheath.
I want to return my knife, the sheath is not what I expected
Since our sheaths are purchased in bulk quantities and are offered as an accessory to the knife, any sheath related returns are allowed, you will be responsible for the return of your order. 
3rd Party Sheaths
If you would like to purchase a sheath from a 3rd party, all knife info in listed on the product page to help you make an informed purchase.