Signature Series

We have partnered with Chef Aaron Brown of Smokin' and Grillin' with AB to create a unique collection of kitchen knives. This collection features three of the main knives that Aaron uses in his kitchen and are unique to his cooking and style. Aaron's main knife is an 8" full-tang, fire pattern Damascus steel chef knife. For lighter work or fine detailing, Aaron prefers the smaller, 4.5" petty knife. And no grill master would be caught dead without their meat slicer. The 10" Damascus steel meat slicer gives you perfectly cut slices of succulent bricket, turkey, or any other meat.

smokin and grillin with ab signature series damascus knives

"A good chef has great tools. With a well designed chef knife in hand, it just elevates my dishes!" -AB


"I'm not a trained Chef or a certified Pitmaster. I'm just a guy who loves to create dishes whether it be in the kitchen or out on my barbecue pits. I love the process from start to finish, like meat selecting and trimming, and especially the end result (plating/presentation). I was taught at a very young age that tools are very important, like knives, for what I am cooking. I've finally found a knife that fits my personality and works well. It makes my meat carving and slicing easy and elevates my confidence and production skills. I was born and raised by my mom and both sets of grandparents. Grandmother #1 was from the south (Alabama) and the other from Texas and that is where I get my diversity from. I started cooking around 9 or 10 years old and it's been in my blood since the start. So I've always wanted to help others and show them that cooking is easy if shown the right way. This is why I say, 'Taking the mystery out of cooking'."